Faredeal Shipping Agencies (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. was formed in april 1999 with a view to offer personalized logistic services for corporates by leveraging the experience & expertise of its promoters in various areas of shipping, freight forwarding and transportation. In a short time the company has created a profitable niche for itself.
Door-to-Door transport from an inland location in India to the house or factory of the ultimate consignee abroad - our range is total.

We take complete charge for your cargo as a Multimodal Transport
Dry containers/ Reefers or Loose, Odd Sizes, Over Weight by Land, Sea or Air even Door to Door, we can move them in the best possible and economical way. Read More...

Operator and cater to destinations in Europe, Far East, U.S.A., Canada, and Middle East. We issue our own MTO Bill of Lading and have an arrangement with overseas agents to look your other interest in a most professional manner.
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